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Why a Hybrid Cloud is Right for Your Business

Why a Hybrid Cloud is Right for Your Business

The cloud can bring numerous benefits to a business. Public cloud offerings can reduce technology costs, provide scalability and flexibility to a business’ computing infrastructure, promote collaboration, protect your business from data loss, and much, much more. What it cannot do, however, is guarantee the control some organizations wish to have over their technology infrastructure. Some businesses prioritize that control, while others are bound by industry and government-induced regulations. For those businesses, there is the hybrid cloud.

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With So Many Cloud Options Picking the Best One Can Be Dizzying

With So Many Cloud Options Picking the Best One Can Be Dizzying

Technology plays an integral part in just about all modern businesses in some way, shape or form. Without a place to purchase devices, however, no one can reap the benefits of them. Some businesses are vendors that provide organizations with these devices. In a sense, they act as the middle man between the producer and the consumer, acquiring devices for sale to businesses and users alike. In this way, vendors are critical for every single business.

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Office 2019 rolls out today, Sep. 24th

Office 2019 "Perpetual"

Office 2019, Microsoft's perpetual license version meaning you buy it once and own it until you decide not to use it, and you don't have to purchase any subscription to keep it. Microsoft has been running it in preview for most of the year now and today, Sep 24th, they released the final version. This also includes Access and Publiser, as well as Project and Visio, products not always seen with standard Office packages or are bought seperately. It is being released first to volume licence holders who have software assurance or as of today new volume license purchasers. 


Office 2019 vs Office 365 "2016"

When Office 2016 first came out it was about that time that a large amount of people began literally buying into subscription based software, otherwise known as software as a service. It's definitely changed the landscape of computer support in the New Orleans area for us as by and large most people are all running the same version of Office and since it get's regular updates there is no worry over version creep or degradation, potentially causing compatibility issues. This is one of the biggest reason besides no major upfront purchase to start with an Office 365 subscription rather than purchase a perpetual license. Office 2019 is nothing more than the cumulation of what Office 2016 as morphed into to date with regualar feature updates. So, the "new" things you'll see in Office 2019 have slowly been updated and rolled out to Office 365 subscribers over the last few years. There is nothing specifically wrong with still purchasing a perpetual volume or retail license, just though you should know this to 1) see how your investment in a subscription has paid off over the years with Office 365 and 2) understand that it'll be roughly another four years until Office 2019 gets replaced and you have to opportunity to get new features should you buy a perpetual license.


It's hard to quantify. I could list out obvious number comparisions to 4 years of Office 365 versus 4 years of purchasing a perpetual license outright, but that's not the whole story. For example, we still run across people here in 2018 who are using Office 2007. Obviously the ROI for them had they started with an Office 365 subscription had it been availalbe then would be better with the perpetual 2007 license. But most peopole don't do that, and the incrementally buy new versions of Office as needed or as requested by end users, so that makes the math hard to do. Also, their is the cost of a rollout. You have to pay an I.T. person to plan and implement a new software version upgrade and it can be very costly. With an Office 365 subscription, the features literally trickle in over time through the regular once a month updates from Microsoft, no need to involve an I.T. guy except perhaps for the initial implementation of Office 365.

Well what do you do, you say?

We use Office 365. As an I.T. guy but also as a regular user of the products to do my job I wouldn't have it any other way. Not having to worry about upgrading my Office ever again is a big deal as an I.T. guy, as an end user, and as a business owner. The value is huge. As always, we are happy to help if you have any questions. We have been in Microsoft's top 10 cloud providers in a 4 state region which includes the rather large markets located in Texas for many years now. Although New Orleans Louisiana is our home, the cloud has allowed us to extend our vast experience out to locations previously difficult to reach and as a result we service the entire gulf coast region from Houston to Lafayette through Baton Rouge and New Orleans and onward to Biloxi.


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Get Rid of Those Filing Cabinets with Document Management

Get Rid of Those Filing Cabinets with Document Management

The file cabinet. It may be a staple of the office, but boy can they be a pain in the neck. Every file needs to be printed and collated only to be filed in a dingy file cabinet with the off chance that it will ever be needed again. For businesses that have a lot of paper filed away, a document management system can go a long way toward modernizing your organization, and providing a access-controlled database where you can find any file in seconds.

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